River Valley Credit Union

Mobile Deposit

Accessible through the River Valley CU Mobile App, mobile deposit allows you to electronically deposit paper checks anywhere and anytime using your smart phone. It's safe, convenient, and easy! Simply open the RVCU app, select "Deposit," and follow the on-screen prompts*.

Funds will typically be available within 2 business days from the day of deposit. The status of your deposit can be viewed in the app under "View Mobile Deposit History." Please hold on to your paper checks for up to 5 business days after a successful deposit in case any issues arise. Checks can then be destroyed as you see fit.

There may be restrictions based on the type and amount of a check. Contact the Credit Union with any questions or if you need assistance.


*Must be 18 years of age or older to use the mobile deposit feature.


Ensure Hassle-Free Deposits

In order to protect your checks and be sure that your funds are credited to your account quickly, please endorse your checks properly. Always write "For RVCU Mobile Deposit Only" along with your signature (see example image). Failure to endorse your checks correctly may result in the delay or rejection of the deposit. The back of some checks may include a check box to indicate that a check is intended for mobile deposit – just check the box and add "For RVCU" above it.

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