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Debit Card Fraud Alerts

At River Valley Credit Union, keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority, which is why we partner with SHAZAM to help protect your debit card against fraudulent activity.

With SHAZAM's fraud management solution powered by FICO® Falcon®, we are able to provide text alerts that notify you when suspicious activity is detected on your River Valley debit card. This added protection is automatic, and text message alerts are free.


How It Works

If you receive a fraud alert via text message, please reply "Yes" to confirm the activity or "No" to deny it. View example.

If you reply "No" (the activity is fraudulent):

  • You'll receive a follow-up text, letting you know that a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist will call you shortly to help you protect your account
  • AND we'll automatically block your debit card to prevent additional fraudulent activity

If you reply "Yes" (the activity is legitimate):

  • You can continue to use your debit card as normal

We’ll attempt to reach you via automated voice call if you don’t reply to the text, or if your phone number is not a mobile number.


Contact Information

Make sure you have these numbers saved in your contacts so you don’t miss any alerts:

Text message alerts from: 72718

Automated phone calls from: 855-219-5399

To ensure that we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, we’ll need to have your current address and phone number(s) on file. Please contact us if there are any changes to this information.


If you have any questions or are concerned about suspicious transactions on your debit card, please call (515) 232-1654. Always use caution when providing your debit card information, and contact us immediately if you suspect your debit card has been stolen or compromised.


Important: We will never request card or account information via text, phone, or email.

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