River Valley Credit Union

New Virtual Branch 11/7/23

What to know about our updated Virtual Branch, online banking platform

River Valley Credit Union will be switching to a new Virtual Branch online banking platform on November 7th.

Following, are some important details for members to know regarding the new platform.


  1. New Logon Screen –The Logon ID and Security Code are displayed as seen below:


The Security Phrase (Image) verification, which is part of the current login process, is no longer included on our new Virtual Branch login screen.


  1. Members’ login information will be unchanged.

If it is necessary to create a new Security Code, the minimum requirements are:

  • Case sensitive.
  • Minimum of nine characters.
  • Maximum of sixteen characters.
  • At least one 1 upper case letter.
  • At least one 1 lower case letter.
  • At least one 1 number.
  • At least one 1 special character (!@#$%^&*).
  • Cannot re-use past ten security codes.
  • Must not have spaces.
  • Must not have same character used three times in a row.
  • Must not have more than six sequential characters from Logon ID o Cannot contain the last four digits of the Social Security Number o Cannot contain month and day of birth date.
  • Cannot contain the word password.
  • Cannot contain the word password with a “zero” for the letter “O”.
  • Cannot contain “Fiserv” in any case combination.
  • Cannot contain QWERTY in any case combination.
  • Cannot contain 123456, abc or asdf


  1. Upon logging in for the first time, members will be presented with updated Terms and Conditions to review.
  1. A new account Landing Page will display members’ accounts in a tile view with an expandable Account Type section such as Checking, Savings, Loans, etc.

This page will also contain shortcuts to view upcoming transfers, and upcoming bill payments.


On the new Landing page, links to features and an account details section were added for quick and convenient access. Members will be able to perform actions on the same page, without going to a different self-service tab, as in the current Virtual Branch.



  1. There is a Print Transactions link when viewing account history which allows the page to be saved to the computer or sent to a printer.
  1. The new Virtual Branch provides the capability to flag certain accounts as ‘Favorite’ accounts. These accounts will appear as a new group called “Favorites “within the Accounts page. The Account Preference screen will also allow members to set up account nicknames and to hide/unhide the accounts from the accounts Landing Page.
  1. Members that are currently using Quicken and/or QuickBooks will continue to be supported in our new Virtual Branch.




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