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Tips on Saving: Gameday Edition

Posted on September 28, 2023 at 9:50 AM by Isabel Kinzie


With tailgating and gamedays in full swing, it's important to remember that the holiday season is approaching. By saving money now, you can reduce stress and anxiety felt while holiday shopping. Here are some tips on saving during the gameday season:


1. Potluck

Having a potluck with family and friends can reduce money spent on eating out. Not to mention the wide variety of dishes! When shopping for ingredients, take advantage of gameday sales. Grocery stores will often have weekly deals.


2. Buy in Bulk:

If you're planning on having a large group, it may save a few dollars to buy in bulk. However, buying in bulk isn't always the cheaper option. When purchasing items, compare the cost per unit. This can be done by dividing the cost by the quantity. This equation will help you determine if buying in bulk truly is the cheapest option.


3. Thrifting Apparel:

You shouldn't have to empty your wallet to show team spirit! Check local thrift shops for gameday apparel. You can still show team spirit on a budget and may even find some vintage hidden treasures. Whether it's a classic jersey or a retro t-shirt, thrift shops have you covered!



Wanting to head into the game after tailgating? Keep an eye out for friends and family on social media listing their tickets, especially the day of! Often times, individuals who are unable to attend a game will sell their tickets cheaper the day of. When purchasing tickets online, be sure to verify reliability of the seller before entering your credit/debit card information.


5. Carpooling:

Parking can be pricey, especially on gamedays. If you are planning to head to a large game, carpooling can reduce costs multiple ways. You can save money on splitting gas and the parking cost.


6. Plan Ahead:

Planning ahead will allow you to map out your expenses and budget yourself. It is easy to be in a good mood and swipe your card all day without realizing the damage being done. By making a budget, you can assess where your money is being spent and how.


These simple tips can help you save money during gameday season and prepare for the holiday season ahead! Happy gamedays everyone!


Isabel Kinzie

Marketing Specialist

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