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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

Posted on November 21, 2023 at 9:53 AM by Isabel Kinzie

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday may assist your holiday shopping budget it can also cause financial stress. This shopping frenzy can be hard to navigate as a consumer when big red sale tags are scattered in front of you on about... everything.


Here are some tips to take into consideration if you are participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


  1. Go In with A Gameplan

    1. Check for leaked ads and social media promotions on what deals will be available.

  2. Compare Prices

    1. Stores have similar items on sale... compare the percentage of the sale for the best deal.

    2. Black Friday deals can be tricky. Items may be sold at a discounted price but only in bulk. If you do not need the bulk quantity, then it is not worth the price.

    3. Focus on brands that rarely go on sale.

  3. Shop Stores Strategically

    1. Don't buy items just because they are on sale. It is tempting to impulse buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  4. Shop Online Exclusively

    1. If you have a tendency to impulse buy, then Cyber Monday will be more appealing to your budget. Make a plan of what you intend to purchase and stick to it... in the store and online.

  5. Shop Black Friday Week

    1.   Black Friday can feel overwhelming leading to impulse purchases and an overall bad experience. Shop Black Friday... week! Stores will often extend sales to multiple days rather than just one.

  6. Evaluate Each Item

    1. Ask yourself if the item is a want or a need. Are you wanting to buy it for the sole reason that it is on sale?

  7. Skip the Cart

    1. The more you can carry the more you will buy. Carry the items you intend on purchasing rather than mindlessly throwing them in a cart just because there's room.

  8. Know the Return Policy

    1. Black Friday deals are often final or have a different return policy. Be aware at the time of purchase.

  9. Avoid Items Made Specifically for Black Friday

    1. Be aware of items made specifically for Black Friday as they are often cheaper due to the use of cheaper materials. The quality may be drastically different than other products by the brand.

  10. Read the Fine Print

    1.   Are you getting the deal only in addition to a full price purchase? Is it worth it?

  11. Review Credit Card / Financial Statements

    1. Be aware of the activity on your credit/debit cards. Checking this often can result in catching fraudulent activity.

  12. Deals Are Year Round

    1. Keep in mind you will always be able to find deals and stores will continue to push out coupons. Don't feel pressured to do any shopping just because it's a labeled day. 



Isabel Kinzie

Marketing Specialist

Categories: Spending

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